Cascade Gear sign exclusive North American partnership

Cascade Gear sign exclusive North American partnership

We are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership agreement with leading North American sports wear distributor, Cascade Gear.

With an in-depth knowledge of spots retail and an extensive contacts book across Canada and the USA – our Drysure Extreme and Active products are reaching vast numbers of new customers in a major growth market.

Micheal Thouin, CEO of Cascade Gear, says “As soon as we discovered Drysure we immediately saw the potential of the brand.

 “To have a product that can be sold 365 days a year, 12 months a year and seven days a week is especially exciting. Not only that but, the Drysure Active shoe dryers and Extreme boot dryers are affordable, can be used by anyone and with any type of footwear – the possibilities are almost endless.

“Already we’ve had great feedback from speciality retailers – including ice hockey stores and independent ski and snowboard retailers.

“Ultimately Drysure not only competes with electric plug in dryers, but we see the potential for their products to replace electric footwear dryers completely.”

Our Founder, James Robbins says, “North America is a massive market place for Drysure and we’re delighted to team up with Cascade Gear and become their first fully exclusive brand partner.

“It’s clear they truly understand our products – from both a consumer and retailer perspective.

“Our new packaging is going down incredibly well in North America - with our new black/green and black/red colour combinations providing to be best sellers – along with our ever popular black/orange combination.

“This partnership allows us to target more niche sports on a bigger scale than we’ve ever done before – it’s certainly exciting times for Drysure in North America and globally.”

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