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Farbe: Orange (Orange Clown-Fish)
Ich habe mir diese Schuhtrockner für meine Snowboard-Boots gekauft, damit sie zwischen den Pistentagen besser trocknen können. Ich muss sagen, dass das Prinzip absolut idiotensicher ist und einwandfrei funktioniert... komplett ohne Strom oder andere technische Spielereien. Einfach über Nacht reinstecken und man hat am nächsten Morgen trockene, geruchsfreie Stiefel. Klasse!

Man kann die Trockner einige Tage am Stück benutzen. Danach müssen sie "reaktiviert" werden, indem man sie einfach selbst auf eine Heizung legt. Ebenfalls idiotensicher.

5 Stars***** By Horsy on 18 Dec 2016



Removes moisture and odors! Super!
Color: Orange (Orange clown fish)
I bought this shoe dryer for my snowboard boots, so that they can dry better between the track days. I have to say that the principle is absolutely foolproof and properly... completely without electricity or other gadgets. Simply put it over night and it has dry, odor-free boots the next morning. Class!

You can use the dryer a few days at a time. Then must they be reactivated by by laying them yourself on a radiator. Also idiot proof.


I ice skate nearly every day and these keep my boots dry, fitting well inside my 285mm Edea Concertos. My only complaint is that the clip on one of the plastic cage tips is a little weak and tends to pop open of it's own accord. Apart from that, brilliant.
on 8 December 2016


I hesitated to buy this item due to the price However it has proved invaluable. Really does with a minimum of fuss. Cold feet alleviated to a great extent.

on 19 November 2016

These are a very simple but effective way to dry your boots or shoes.

I have to wear boots at work every day, and over a short amount of time they would get damp and then the damp would cause them to get smelly.

Now when I remove my boots I drop in the Drysure Extreme's and when I put them on next day they are bone dry. Put the Drysure's on a radiator during the day to dry off and repeat. Over a month now and my boots are as fresh as the day I first wore them.

5 Stars***** VINE VOICE on 15 November 2016



Superb Drysures
These are my second pair of Drysure Extremes, I have bought another pair as they are such a brilliant product. After a hard day's skiing, I just popped the Drysures in. Next morning my boots were bone dry (and odour free!). No wires, no messing about, they just work. Really versatile as well, they will work with any form of footwear. Highly recommended.

5 Stars***** on 11 October 2016


Sweaty, damp boots dry perfectly overnight and the washable plastic case keeps the drying agent hygenic. Would certainly recommend them for walking boots.
on 6 October 2016


These are brilliant! I bought them for my husband because his running trainers were so stinky they had to be kept in the shed. They can now live in the house again. We're not skiers but they work really well for drying out trainers to stop them getting smelly! Any chance you can make child sizes ones too?!


5 Stars***** (October 2016)


Had my Drysure's for a little while now and they are amazing, not only fantastic for on the slopes but also awesome in wellies after a wet day in the fields!! Bring on the shooting season #dryfeet!!
5 Stars***** (May 2016)

Such a brilliant, simple idea. Just got back from skiing in France where I used my Drysures for the first time. No faffing around with smelly boot warmers, just slotted my Drysures in every afternoon when I got back. In the morning bone dry boots which were a pleasure to put on!
5 Stars***** (April 2016)

Drysure is an excellent Brand and they work SO well!
5 Stars ***** (April 2016)

Used Drysure for 10 days in Europe whilst they were in the car and in the hotel room. Every morning my liners were perfectly dry and due to no heat element, didn't ruin my moulded boots or liners. Highly recommend DrySure if you want dry boots every morning.
5 Stars***** (March 2016)

Worked excellently ! Dried everything out really quickly and I've not heated up the the Drysure's once yet.
5 Stars***** (March 2016)

Just want to say that I got my orange Drysure shoe liners last week and have been putting them to tough use as I am training for the London marathon. I'm running along muddy tracks and through loads of puddles and normally my trainers won't get a chance to dry out but since using Drysure they have been dry and ready for my next run. Brilliant idea, great product and I will be recommending to others.
5 Stars***** (March 2016)

Drysure is a game changer. I no longer have to suffer damp and soggy trainers, they are always perfectly dry after a night with a pair of Drysures in them. A great purchase.
5 Stars***** (March 2016)

Just got back from Chamonix and my new drysure's were put to the test when my boots were left outside on the balcony during a light snowfall one day, rest assured the next morning I had completely dry boots and was ready to tackle the mountain. The best thing about these is knowing that any custom fit liners or inners won't suffer from shape change that is common with boot warmers. Great product and surprisingly light to travel with.
5 Stars***** (March 2016)



No more uncomfortable damp trainers thanks to Drysure! I love that no electricity, batteries or heat is needed. Highly-recommended.

5 Stars***** (March 2016)





Just received my Blue Drysure boots and they are brilliant! Fantastic design and perfect for those like me who have to avoid Boot Warmers due to having custom shell boots; I always struggle to get rid of the moisture and it's not very nice having to put on cold, moist boots! Ordered yesterday and arrived first thing today and I'm looking forward to using them. Also love the zip lock bag for storage which is a great idea. 5 Star product and 5 Star delivery. 

5 Stars***** (Feb 2016)