The Style Altitude writers have recommended Drysure Extreme Boot Dryers in their Mid Season Gear Guide. 

"they will come into their own come the warmer weather with the long ski tours in the hot sunshine"

Here is the rest of the article and a link to the other products recommended by Style Altitude. 

"I've been using these pretty well throughout the season, though,because it's been so cold, I've yet to get really hot, sweaty and subsequently damp boots to really put these to the test.

That said I'm so impressed at the concept of these,as it say's on their tin 'Dries footwear 12 times faster than traditional airdrying. No need for batteries or electricity and can be reused multiple times, so is great for the environment and protects feet against fungi and bacteria.'

From a design manufacturing viewpoint they are superbly produced and look and feel like a real quality product that you'd think would be double the £30 that they do indeed cost.

Like I say, for me I think they will come into their own come with the warmer weather and the long ski tours in the hot sunshine and then coming back home with none too pleasant boots that even the Rando Chiens seem to turn their noses up at."

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