Golf South Magazine recommends Drysure

Golf South Magazine recommends Drysure

Golf South Magazine are the latest publication to review our Drysure Active shoe dryers.

Find out what they had to say below and read the e-edition of the article here

Eco friendly shoe dryer offers footcare solution to golfers

"We’ve all been there, a day on the golf course when the heavens open, or a wayward shot into the rough wading through long wet grass soaked in morning dew. At the end of a round you can’t wait to peel off your wet, damp, sweaty golf shoes and throw them in the back of the car.

It’s a problem typically fixed by stuffing shoes with old newspaper, putting them on the radiator or air drying. The worst part is when you put your shoes on the next day for another round, they are all too often still damp - which never feels great when slipping your fresh socks into a soggy shoe.

There is however an answer to golfers’ wet shoe prayers - in the form of a slightly rude looking device that claims to dry golf shoes twelve times faster than air drying.

The neat gadget in question is created by Drysure - a company that has designed a unique plastic case, housing a bag of silica beads that absorbs moisture – fast.

The neat little trick here, unlike most shoe dryers, is that Drysure doesn’t require heat, power or electricity, so you can throw them in your golf bag and take them anywhere; meaning you can start drying your footwear as soon as you’ve finished your round. Handy, especially if you play daily, or are away on a multi-day golf trip.

There are two versions, “Active” for low ankle footwear and “Extreme” for high ankle boots - with the Active best for golf shoes.

The products are a neat design that allows maximum airflow. Coming in a range of colours, the added benefit to quick drying shoes is they help reduce bacterial and fungal growth – not such a glamorous topic but an important factor, especially if you golf regularly.

But do they live up to the hype? Well, in short, yes.

Lightweight, easy to pack and reusable – with zero waste packaging.

The clever bit about Drysure is that once they’ve been used multiple times (absorbing 8-10 days of moisture), simply unclip the casing, remove the bag and pop it in direct sunlight, on the radiator or in the oven on a low heat and this will re-activate the bag. Then pop them back in the housing and they’re ready to go again.

Like most golfers, we’ve all got a lot of gadgets, and some not all that useful! Whilst the look of Drysure might raise a smile and stir the odd obvious joke amongst your golf buddies, their practicality and usefulness can’t be underestimated. A great gadget for the golfer that has everything."

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Golf South Magazine review Drysure