"Trending Tech" by Morzine Source Magazine - Winter 17/18

"Trending Tech" by Morzine Source Magazine - Winter 17/18

Drysure boot dryers are amazing. Fact. Not only will they dry out your ski or snowboard boots overnight and make them less stinky, they'll do it all without the need for any electricity! 

Drysure Extreme Boot Dryer have been featured in Morzine's Source Magazine winter 2017 & 2018

These low-bulk contraptions are easy to fir in your suitcase and can be used effectively pretty. much anywhere. But how does it work?

Well, each drier consists of a glossy plastic outer shell that slides easily into your boot and encases a mesh sack of silica gel beads. Silica beads are ultra-absorbent and draw all the moisture out of your liners before stinky bacteria starts to grow, leaving your boots feeling dry the next time you put them on. Each bead sack can absorb unto a week's worth of moisture before it needs to be properly dried out., which can be done on a low temperature in the oven or by leaving them out in the sun. Total genius.

We love them.

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